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7th August 2013

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.how I&#8217;m spending my birthday. 🎈👯🎁

.how I’m spending my birthday. 🎈👯🎁

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19th July 2013

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reblog if you dont have a bra on

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9th July 2013

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.farmers&#8217; market is back in action!.

.farmers’ market is back in action!.

22nd February 2013

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.yesterday&#8217;s lunch.

.yesterday’s lunch.

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21st February 2013

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Tale of nature from Vyacheslav Mishchenko


8th February 2013

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.snowed in..watching the shining…making soup & bread..perfect. <3

28th January 2013

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.you should go listen to her.  &lt;3

.you should go listen to her.  <3

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23rd January 2013

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.although i <3  most pastas…i must say that shells are always a great time! :)

.which pasta shape is your fave?

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19th January 2013

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16th January 2013


.Any vegans on MFP?!

.Add me!  [jamcakez]

.Let’s motivate!!!   :)

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